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I’m SunChild Jvone’ and GoldeniShow is my baby. I’ve always been a performer… since I can remember. I’m from Riverdale, Ga (SOUUUTHSSSIIIIIIDDDDEEEEE). I’m an Aquarius and I aspire to be the owner of a production company. I got into entertainment, I believe, because my father has always been a character. I started GoldeniShow in order to highlight independent artists and entrepreneurs while informing and educating our audience. That’s our missin statement: “To inform and to entertain”. I’ve always believed that what you think and speak will manifest in this world and I believe in taking time to process your pain in order to truly grow. It is time to grow.

Vic the Weirdo landed on Planet Earth years ago on November 12th. I first landed in Germany, but later relocated to Atlanta. I was always into the fine arts: I was in plays, a music video, and I’ve been a dancer for most of my life. After working with a few DJs for a few years and dabbling in audio engineering, I took an interest in the audio sector of entertainment and decided to be a radio personality. 
My passion is helping people: I want to help my community, and I want to help independent music artists get the exposure they need. I just want my time on Earth to mean something.

Zah was born January 22, 1991 on the Westside of Rochester, NY. Surrounded by a musical family, Zah fell in love with writing songs and preforming at a very early age. She attended School Number 44 and played main rolls in pays and multiple forms of the arts. Zah bounced between Atlanta GA and Rochester NY were she began to pick up more skills of her trade. Staying in Atlanta for High School Zah graduated from LoveJoy High were she was a member of the Wildcat Marching Band. Her love for music grew well through college and into her adult years. Now Zah is a Recording artist with Olympus Music Group and has plans to make it in BIG in the industry through hard work and dedication.

DJ 271 is from Atlanta, Ga. He is a DJ that is well diverse as far as music goes. He got into djing in order to help artist develop their brand. With everyone charging high prices in this business He saw it as a way to find talent at the same time giving them the opportunity to get noticed. 

Don’t follow the trend! Be the master of your own fate and control the blend in your life. Don’t allow circumstances to stand in your way.
Get in mix like DJ 271 and mix that.